HOWLING Plays Private Live Performance for Slices Live Special


Sit back, Relax and enjoy this beautiful live performance, A private and live intimate show was exclusively organized and recorded for Electronic Beats TV from the candlelit surroundings of Axel Reinemer’s JRS Studio.

The Slices Live Special series returns with a very unique performance by Howling, the duo comprised of Australian singer/songwriter Ry X and Frank Wiedemann of Innervisions and Âme fame, Assisted by their versatile live band member, Jens Kuross.

Howling Live

The beginning song starts off with a beautiful melodic melody and synth, That breaks into a calming vocal solo. The intro song then jumps back into a groovy rhythm then slams into a super groovy deep baseline. Its great. Its perfect. This is some bad ass electronic music you are about to hear right here. Along with witnessing Howling play it live for the special Slices Live series. These guys are unique as hell, and it sounds so great. Watch the full video from start to end to feel this blissful music thru every blood cell in your body.

Enjoy the delicate mix of electronic music and emotional songs played live, from their debut album Sacred Ground, including “Signs,” “Litmus,” “Shortline” and “Howling,“ which is released May 1st 2015 on Monkeytown and Counter Records.

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