HVRCRFT Releases Trap Song “How We Do” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


HVRCRFT is a San Francisco bred, Los Angeles based Trap, EDM and Club DJ/Producer signed to THRIVE MUSIC.

Lately he has been regularly DJing at many of the foremost club hubs in the West Coast, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

HVRCRFT Releases

“How We Do” starts with a trippy intro slowly building up to a huge drop that will explode in your face, Making a great trap beat to drop on the crowd and get them hyped up.

In 2017 HVRCRFT & Multi Platinum Rapper TOO $HORT dropped the single “Big Booty” which is out now on Thrive Music and available on all platforms.

He has just released an Official ‘Say My Name’ Remix entitled “Get On My Level” alongside ETC-ETC, SwageSound and DackJaniels.

HVRCRFT is getting support from DJs like DJ Jayceeoh and also from other EDM news websites like YourEDM , EDMSauce, and FISTINTHEAIR.COM.

Look out for HVRCRFT Remixes and Original Tunes coming this year, and in 2018.

We got a chance to sit down with HVRCRFT and ask him about “How We Do” his future plans for music and more, check it out below.

HVRCRFT Interview

Tell us about ‘How We Do’ How did you come up with this idea for this song?

I was in Las Vegas at my friends house and he happened to play me this really cool record he had and then I began manipulating one of the sounds like crazy in Ableton and came up with some weird vocal loops.  I sat there for like five minutes trying to figure out what to do next and then it hit me to make a vocal build into some crazy drop.  The rest is history…..


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

I started as a hip-hop DJ in San Francisco playing clubs and digging for records all the time long time.  My first real job I got came from selling cds on Haight street in San Francisco.  A guy walked in to one of the skate shops my music was playing in and told the kid at the counter he wanted to hire me to make music for his company.  He contacted me and offered me the most money Ive ever heard of for music so I moved to so cal, this was about 2006. So I started making music full time for the guys film company mostly rock, techno and hip hop stuff.  After I stopped working for the company I just dove head first into music on my own and it was very scary for a while. 25 cent hot dogs at the corner store saved me a few times….anyways Ive always been intrigued with production techniques in music so the progression from hip-hop to EDM felt very natural for me as the music itself challenged me to learn more and to become the producer I am today.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

I love ALL the fab filter stuff especially the newer fab filter plug ins like SATURN.  I also use the stock ableton plugins a lot too like Saturator.  As far as instruments are concerned I mostly use Serum and I spent many months finding specific presets that I could tweak. im a member of some really cool online communities like AUDIONEWS which is based in Russia and they get all the beta versions of everything music related so thats pretty awesome.  Big ups to Kris for that hook up!  Also if you are making EDM you have to try SPIRE my man B-Sides put me on to that just a heads up…


What can we expect from you next year?

You can expect a lot from HVR in 2018!  I have more records dropping , some major collabs with artists you know and love and you can definitely expect a large array of records ranging from hard face melting tracks to EDM vocal anthems.  Thanks to EDM RANKS for my first interview and for the first write up on “HOW WE DO” I really appreciate the support!



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