illuciid Releases New Song “Summit” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


illuciid is an electronic dance music producer from America.

illuciid’s new song “Summit” is out now, and has recently been featured by deadmau5 on his his label Mau5trap playlist on Zambah.

illuciid – “Summit”

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Que Summit. Summit begins with melodic bells that give you a feeling of bliss, and quickly builds into a high energy dance lead. Building on top of the electro melody is a beautiful array of swooshing and soothing synths that sparkle and dazzle your ears as the songs progresses.

EDM RANKS got a chance to catch up with illuciid and ask him a few questions about Summit, his inspiration, how he started producing EDM and more. Check it out below.

illuciid Interview

Tell us about “Summit”. How did you come up with this idea for this song?

I actually came up with the idea for Summit last year in May.  It originally was a 128 BPM track, but clearly much changed over time as I slowed it to 104 BPM.  Within the first week of creating Summit, I was able to make a quarter of the song but no more.  I had a mental block and then revisited it in the middle of August.  When I revisited it, I looked through my MIDI files and found a melody I made that fit perfectly for the second part of the song.  Instantly, I was un-stuck and finished it within the next few days.  It turned out to be a very important track for me because it was a transition to developing my own style as an artist, rather than sounding like everyone else.  There is no specific story behind Summit.  Instead, it’s a mix of emotions that can be related to multiple stories.  More specifically, I was trying to convey feelings of encountering and overcoming struggles.


What Inspired you to make this?

Emotions of encountering and overcoming struggles inspired me to make this song.  A question that I can answer even better is who inspires me to make music.  That would be electronic music legends like Boards of Canada, Madeon, the incredible artists signed to mau5trap, and deadmau5 of course.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

I began producing electronic music at the age of 15.  At first, it felt like exploring a different world filled with music producers and audio engineers who spoke a tech language I did not yet understand.  It was tough in the beginning because not only did I need to learn this language, I needed to learn who I can trust for good advice.  For pure beginners, I would recommend staying away from the “how to” style Youtube videos.  There are a lot of videos from people who think they know what they are doing but they really don’t.  Instead, I would recommend doing research on your favorite music artist and listening to advice they give.  For me, that was Joel (deadmau5).  I would tune in to his live streams, read his tweets religiously and look up videos/interviews of him talking pure tech.  He’s a genius.  Many people in the EDM scene might call him a bully, but if you look past that you’ll realize he’s a really good guy that is always innovating, expressing his opinions and educating his fans.  Nothing wrong with that.  So yeah that was a bit of a tangent, but a lot of what I learned was through Joel.  Thanks to him, I learned how to produce, mix and master my own material.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

Of course!  I’m working in Logic Pro and Ableton Live.  For software synths, I’m loving Xfer Serum and Roland’s SH-101 emulation.  For dynamic tools, I’d really recommend the Waves API 2500 emulation (great for tightening drums) and Fabfilter Pro-L.  I also have a pretty cool digital synthesizer called Roland System-1.  But one day, I hope to incorporate true analog synths/processors into my productions.  But here’s some more important advice for pure beginners- the most expensive gear will not make you a better producer/engineer.  You can make professional music with free plugins too.  It’s all about understanding how to use them and developing your ear.


What can we expect from you next year?

This year you can definitely expect more music.  I also released “Fake Reality EP” within the past few weeks (which included Summit).  The next project will be the remix contest for “Let Go” by deadmau5.  Started working on it today, got in the zone and made a lot of progress.  I can already tell, it’s gonna be a special one.


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