Insider Tells How the Club Life has Survived In North Korea

Insiders Tell How the Club Life has Survived In North Korea


The Delaware-based publication NK News asked a reader How North Koreans spend their leisure time in a weekly feature called “Ask a North Korean”. The response by defector Je Son Le shed some light on how the EDM Club life and party scene that operates in a highly oppressive North Korean communist dictatorship. Thanks to NK News, we can finally answer this.

Similar to the the illegal warehouse rave parties that became legendary in the early 1990’s in America, The North Korean EDM nightlife is just the same, Only taking place at residencies or other areas equipped so that no sound can reach the outside.

They usually make their own clubs in an empty house,”

Je Son Le

There’re many ways to make our own clubs in North Korea. We could produce electricity using a generator with oil.

Je Son Le


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