Insomniac Reveals First Trance Music Only Festival #DreamState

Insomniac Hosts All New Trance Music Only Festival #DreamState


It’s hard to believe that one of the biggest contributing electronic music genres that made EDM so popular today, has almost been forgotten in the EDM hype.

Fast paced four to the floor kick drum patterns at 140bpm along with euphoric synths and uplifting melodies always keeps Trance exciting. Trance is not dead. It actually looks like electronic dance music is moving back towards its roots. Trance music. #TranceFamily

Now it looks like Insomniac is creating an all Trance music only festival. Making this the first time Insomniac has ever catered to an EDM genre in such a way.

Not much information is known about this new Trance festival, but we hope to find out soon. Regardless, which ever Trance artists makes the lineup for Dreamstate 2015, it seems it will definitely be awesome based upon Insomniac’s previous music festival history, Surely an experience unlike anything trance fans have experienced in America before.

Insomniac Hosts All New Trance Music Only Festival #DreamState

The new Trance festival takes place Thanksgiving weekend (November 27-28 2015) in Southern California.

Source: Trance Family SF Facebook

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