Insomniac Thanksgiving This November


Returning to Southern California with the fourth sequel to Dreamstate SoCal 2018 on the 23rd and 24th November, 2018, Insomniac is coming back with a bang by performing popularly-demanded trance records for the American crowd!

With the popularity of Electronic Dance Music stretching nation-wide, EDM lovers are constantly searching for places to be where crowds are chanting lyrics of famous records and the air is buzzing with Trance.

The hype goes higher around national events like Thanksgiving which spread a seasonal mood of celebration across the states. Dreamstate SoCal is a hard to miss with around fifty artists lining up to celebrate the night with the raving audience!

Stars Of The Night

Without a need for exaggeration, the event will host the presence of Trance legends like John O’Callaghan, Paul van Dyk, and Markus Schulz. To add more décor to the celebrations, psytrance voices like that of Vini Vici and Ace Ventura will ring corner-to-corner.

The occasion will be incomplete without the presence of emerging talents such as Mandragora, Will Rees, and the likes who will also display their talents for the audience to devour!

Special Performances

If you think that is all there was going to be to the grand event hosted this Thanksgiving, you may have largely underestimated this global project!

The night will be decked with special performances of the classics: System F alias by Ferry Corsten; Gareth Emery offering his lasers-and-lights performance for the crowd; and the dark Purple Haze showcased by Sander van Doorn.

With gods of music like these wrecking the stage this November, the crowds will definitely be left awestruck and mind-blown by the time the event closes!

Trance Treats

This is not only an event; it is THE event that fans of trance and EDM music worldwide are counting days to and purchasing early bookings for it as soon as the tickets are out! Mind you, the early bird passes have already been sold out.

This is more than a musical night; it is a traditional global meet-up of trance fans and artists collaborating and joining hands annually every November to come together and revelling in the beauty of this blessed music genre. For some it soothes the mind, for others it detangles the knots of tension. But for everyone alike, this is truly a treat for the soul with its heart-touching notes and beautiful symphony!

Dreamstate and Insomniac

Insomniac has branded Dreamstate with an appeal that is revived and rejuvenated among crowds of San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Mexico, Melbourne and New York.

As is obvious, the extent of their reach and fame is stretching world-wide while focusing on performing in metropolitan centers globally in order to maximize the audience they can get.

This global tour has spurred several sub-events that the team has taken on its name to deliver in various other cities. The biggest example of this is the Quantum VALLEY stage in Las Vegas where Insomniac hosted one of its largest music festivals!

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