Insomniac’s EDC Las Vegas 2015 VIP Just got BETTER

EDC Las Vegas 2015


Insomniac’s EDC Las Vegas 2015 General Admission tickets might have sold out but the EDC Las Vegas 2015 VIP tickets haven’t yet. Having done VIP many times at various EDM festivals in the past, VIP makes life eaisier and the party more fun with better upgraded features and perks like special zoned areas for better views, discounts, more activities and better bar access. But Insomnia is stepping up the VIP experience this year for EDC Las Vegas 2015.

Insomniac’s has released news of the EDC Las Vegas 2015 VIP benefits, Which will allow VIP guests to access a new viewing area in front of the Cosmic Meadow stage. This new viewing area will provide you with an amazing view of the stage, Joining other elevated viewing platforms that will be located at Kinetic Field and Circuit Grounds. VIP pass members can also access VIP courtyards that are filled with fun and exciting new things for the 2015 EDM festival. Free makeup artists will be body painting people, Photo booths, A massive ball pit and even a VIP Ferris wheel along and new bar areas.

EDC Las Vegas 2015 VIP will have free drink options this year along with a VIP dining deck for people that get hungry. The VIP dining deck will provide you with a spectacular view of Kinetic Field and free wi-fi spots, phone charging stations, and a special entry line that will get you in faster.

An EDC Las Vegas 2015 VIP pass starts at $699. If you have the money, This is a no brainier. If you dont, There’s still time to save up.

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) will return to Las Vegas June 19-21st 2015 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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