Use UnHarsh to Intelligently Decrease The Harshness In Your Songs


EDM artists and music producers, are you trying to make your songs sound more smooth and less harsh?

Sometimes your VST synths can sound a bit too digital and computerized. We have just the audio plugin for this solution.

How Does This Audio Plugin Work?

UnHarsh can process your audio signal to make it more smooth and transparent with zero latency regardless of levels.

Make your songs, synths or stems sound more bright than they usually would. The goal for this plugin? Make it powerful and simple.

Made by the EndeavorFX audio plugin company, UnHarsh intelligently decreases harshness in your audio. You can use it on your individual tracks, or subtly on your master tracks.

This audio plugin is perfect to remove high end harshness in your individual tracks, or remove the ringing in your ears from a sound that is too bright. Forget about an input or gain staging knob. UnHarsh automatically analyzes your signal and processes only the harsh sounds giving you more time to focus on the things that matter, like producing songs.

For example: you might have a snare or kick that needs more high end to stand out in the mix; but when you EQ brightness in, you get too much of that ear-fatiguing snap. UnHarsh can take away the harshness while allowing you to keep the high-end boost.

UnHarsh Audio Plugin Features

Empowered by modern DSP, EndeavorFX is committed to making high quality audio plugins for today, and the future. UnHarsh is compatible with Windows and Mac VST, VST3, AAX, and Audio Units. Download the UnHarsh audio plugin today and give it a try!

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