J Sutta Interview On “Forever” Success & Debut Album “I Say Yes” [EXCLUSIVE]


J Sutta (Jessica Sutta) is not a new comer to the music scene by any means, even after being told by her father at age 10 she could not sing she refused to accept it.

“my dad told me to stop and that I couldn’t sing”


the former PussyCat Dolls member tells EDM RANKS, she started her early career in the creative industries when she was enrolled in dance classes at age three, In 2010 she left the PussyCat Dolls to begin a new successful solo music project as ‘J Sutta’.

Having great success with dance she began on the NBA’s Miami Heat cheer-leading team, and would soon turn into a rare quadruple threat as a dancer, singer, songwriter, and actress.

Her single “Show Me” was a huge success, landing her #1 on the BillBoard Hot Dance Charts in America and becoming Sutta’s first solo number-one single and first Pussycat Doll to ever top the Billboard Club chart as a solo artist, she also has had roles in movies such as acting alongside actor Megan Fox, and an Axe Body spray commercial to name a few.

J Sutta is currently working on her new debut “I Say yes” album that will be out later in 2016, which has even been reviewed by some music industry titans like Pitbull, Hopsin, Fuse ODG and Rico Love.

Until then we get these two amazing gems “Distortion” and “Forever”.

“Forever” is an amazing electro house song about having a good feeling that Sutta wants forever. Forever is so catchy it will keep you clicking replay over and over, “Forever” has been receiving countless reviews on Yahoo! Music and other popular blogs. The “Forever” music video was released exclusively on VEVO’s homepage on March 21, 2016 and reached 1.17 million views within the first two weeks.

The newer released single ‘Distortion’ is another great sounding song fit to be played on any radio station worldwide, with a hybrid of pop and dance music Sutta is bringing a new fresh vibe to electronic dance music never seen before. Both “Forever” and “Distortion” are great songs that will keep you guessing what the new “I Say Yes” album will sound like.

Sutta is definitely an artist to keep watching in the future, creating her songs with meaningful lyrics that rhyme on top of catchy melodies is her art by nature, and it seems she isnt stopping anytime soon. Check out our interview with her below to find out more about how she first started singing, how she created “Forever”, and her plans for the future.

J Sutta Interview

How did you get into singing, when did you first start?

Actually, I used to sing all the time when I was little but one day my dad told me to stop and that I couldn’t sing. I must have been around 8 or 9. I don’t remember the details so much but I remember the feeling. It really crushed me. I buried the feeling and put my energy into dance which was very healing but still unresolved. One day, years later, I was signing along to a song quietly and this person I was friends with told me to stop and that I can’t sing. It brought back the exact same feeling…except this time it lit a fire in my heart and made me want to become the best singer that I possibly could.


So you had amazing success with your catchy house/pop hit ‘Forever’, can you tell us a little more how this song came about?

My super talented friend Will Peters and I started writing ideas about wanting a feeling to last….and it all started to take shape. The Code who is one of my favorite producers, came on board when he heard the vocal melodies and produced the track. It really felt right and so much love and good energy went into making that song. It was an organic and effortless process.


Can you tell us more about your new debut album “I Say Yes”?

It has taken us so much, time, blood, sweat and beers to put this together and we have had some amazing contributions from some incredibly talented people. I have become a really harsh critic of this album as it is my debut album, I want it to be as good as it can possibly be. Finally, we are almost ready to put it out. It has been such a true journey of self discovery as an artist with a lot of trial and error along the way. I must have recorded over 100 songs! For the most part is is dance/pop sonically with a few surprises. I have really enjoyed making this album and poured love into it..The album order tells a story and flows really well. I’m so excited to be putting it out soon!


What can we expect from you in 2017?

I think for the rest of this year we will be putting out non stop content to work our way into releasing the album. I love live performance more than any other aspect of music…or life for that matter haha! So I hope to be spending as much time as possible on stage in 2017 touring and performing songs from I Say Yes!


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