Jack Trades Releases House Song ‘High’ & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

Jack Trades Interview


Jack Trades is a Canadian producer from Calgary, Alberta. He has released deep house, progressive house and Dancepop records with Ride Recordings (Blackhole), Peak Hour Music & Deephour Music.

Having previously released trance records under the “BRKDWN” alias, Jack Trades brand will be exploring and focusing on a wide variety of genres, including but not limited to Deep, Dance-pop, Progressive, Big Room & Future House.

The main goal for Jack is to diversify his fanbase and create music not limited to a specific genre.

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Jack’s new song ‘High’ is out now and is a must hear, check it out above, and the exclusive interview below.

Jack Trades Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

What Inspired you to make “High”?

Interestingly enough my inspiration of High came after I wrote a deep record called “Hurt You Hard” with Taylor Mosley. Since HYH had a darker vibe and a heartbreak theme, High was a contrast on celebration of being in love. As a producer lately, I have been really inspired by the dance-pop sound, the feel good vibe and that was all expressed in this track.

How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

Being a music fan all my life and DJing, I was always fascinated by how music was created with just a computer and software. The curiosity led me to messing around with a software called Logic pro, creating beats and sounds.  Youtube was a great resource for tutorials, but things started getting more serious when I started attending music production workshops and enrolling myself at Point Blank for courses.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

Yes I do actually and it has to be be Sylenth, been using this for a long time and have to say itis the first plugin that opens up in my DAW, if I want to get those ideas written quickly.
What is it that you love about the EDM scene? It is truly the vibe and culture that does it for me really. There are so many amazing events, everyone is always friendly, it feels like a celebration and being part of something really special.  Truly is a no judgement zone.


What can we expect from you next year?

I have a lot of collaborations/originals/remixes lined up in different genres of music on some very exciting labels. Recently I just signed with Thrive Music and my focus is to really work with the team there and hopefully establish myself as an artist on their roster.

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