Tired of Mainstream EDM Music? Then You Need This App!


The same artists on the front page, countdowns that are more about popularity and social media clout than the quality of the tracks, and collections that bring nothing new to your ‘hand me the aux cord’ playlist – most websites that cater specifically to electronic dance music these days are played out. An updated ranking is released, and it’s as if some dj magazine wrote down all the same previous top 100 names from the year before. You could check in once a month and never miss a thing.

These days, you have a better chance of seeing someone shout out their ghost producer than discovering fresh, quality electronic music by chance in the mainstream sphere. Unless you’re diving into the underbelly of sites like YouTube and Soundcloud and finding tracks on your own, you’re going to be left wondering if it’s the same two dozen artists that deejay and produce anything at all – a depressing reality for talented up-and-comers who have to work overtime just to get their work heard by a couple people.

EDM was born out of an underground culture that blew up due to the dedication and support of its fans, but the social element is being pushed aside in favor of companies trying to tell us which songs we should listen to and love. It’s time to put control of the industry back where it belongs: with the fans. It’s time to join EDM RANKS.

EDM RANKS is the first social media network geared towards electronic dance music and all its sub genres. We’re doing what too many sites and communities fail to do – letting you connect with your favorite DJs, producers, and other fans, and making sure that it’s your unique votes that influence charts and rankings, and determine how we help to promote artists. Discover new music based on what you and others in your network like, not on what we think you should be listening to. Our only input is to provide in-depth coverage of all the biggest stories, interviews, and access to a community where you can have discussions with other EDM fans from all around the world.

DJs, producers, labels, and artists, you can upload tracks, find persons to collaborate with, cultivate a fan base, and publicize your own content and music in an unbiased space. The quality of your music will speak for itself.

EDM RANKS started out in 2013 as a small project created by a team of dedicated fans, and now in 2018 has launched our official app, and is gearing up bring about a renaissance in the EDM scene. Our vision is to facilitate the ultimate online community for lovers of electronic dance music, and bring back the true spirit of the genre.

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