Jorge Ballesteros – Into The Night Vol. 2

Jorge Ballesteros techno producer


Jorge Ballesteros is an electronic music and techno/minimal producer from Spain. His professional career stared as a songwriter and music adapter in 1987, when he began to work at ibymusic with his father D. Ignacio Ballesteros Diaz, an international recognized songwriter and music adapter.

Playing in clubs all around the world like Pacha in Spain, Italy and the Dominican Republic, Jorge Ballesteros is definitely not new to the electronic dance music scene. Helping artists like Italian pop star Laura Pausini, An international hit who topped the charts in Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium, and has sold more than 70 million records in her career. Jorge has also worked with Negramaro, Nek, and latin pop star Alejandro Sanz; who has won fifteen Latin Grammy Awards, and three Grammy Awards.

Beatport: INTO THE NIGHT Vol.2

INTO THE NIGHT Vol.2; The night is like another dimension of life full of fascinating stories: In this album is 16 tracks, some complex, some simple, some dark, and some bright, and others are simply weird!

Introducing: INTO THE NIGHT Vol.2 the second volume of a collection with exclusives tracks from e-tracks records, specially selected to soundtrack your night and the stories your about to experience by yourself. Just let the music play!

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