KANDY Releases “Shout” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


The summer music festival season is finally on us and KANDY has been making major waves since last year’s ULTRA 2016.

His new Future Bass release “Shout” is a summer jam if I’ve ever heard one—taking KANDY’s sugary sweet production and topping it off with the soulful sounds of crooner Mackenzie Thom.

KANDY’s sound design really hits the spot—not surprising for someone who’s gotten love from the likes of Major Lazer and Skrillex—and the vocals are catchy from beginning to end. With a killer hook, “Shout / Let it out / Do whatever turns you on”, this track has the arrangement and pop sensibility that will touch the broad variety of fans in the EDM world and beyond.

KANDY – “Shout”


Check out my interview with KANDY below, exclusively at EDM RANKS:


Tell us about your new original “Shout”’ How did you come up with the concept for this track?

I was trying to lean towards something more radio instead of the normal dubstep jungle terror stuff I normally produce. I got in touch with Mackenzie Thoms through my management and we jumped in the studio and out came “Shout”.


How did you first begin producing electronic music?

I used to attend many events with friends and was a heavy kandy raver kid. I just felt connected to the scene and wanted to make that music so I picked up a laptop and taught myself how to do it through tutorials.


What (or who) is your biggest inspiration when creating music?

Skrillex, Porter Robinson, and Laidback Luke were huge in helping me and was one of my biggest supporters along with GTA.


Do you have any favorite Dubstep or D&B producers who had an influence on your sound?

Spag Heddy, Virtual Riots sound design is crazy, Datsik I’ve been following since 2011 and he is another one with sweet sound design. I had never really been exposed to drum & bass and I had never made a DnB track so I thought it would be cool to experiment with.


Do you have a favorite DAW, VST plugin, or instrument you like to use?

I am on FL Studio and use a lot of Serum like everyone else, but I think it is mostly about being creative with it and your sound design to create a unique sound.


What can we expect from you in the next year?

This year is going to be a ton of new music. Right now I am in Miami and can’t wait to get home and start creating new tracks.


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