Kia Mazzi Premiers New Track “Over You” From Debut Album & [EXCLUSIVE] Interview

Kia Mazzi Interview


Kia Mazzi is an Iranian born electronic dance music producer/DJ living in Boston, United States.

He has performed with artists like: Infected Mushroom – SigmaUK, Rusko, Revolvr, Leon Bolier, – Joe Bermudez and more. Having Residencies at clubs like as Venu, Rumor(Icon), Splash & Rise After Hours Kia is looking forward to being more on the road in 2018.

His new song ‘Over You’ is out now and available to stream or buy. It’s part of his Album Mothership. We got a a chance to interview Kia Mazzi on his plans for 2018, new music, ‘Over You’, and more check it out below.

‘Over You’ begins with an energetic electro/trance style lead that soon begins to build and merge into a melodic uplifting melody.  The song then breaks into a soothing ambient-melody that will make you feel as if you were traveling through space. ‘Over You’ features nice melodies, ambience, and even some guitar riffs.

Kia Mazzi Interview

Tell us about ‘Over You” . How did you come up with this idea for this song?

This record is a testament as an independent musician because of the fact that i had the first part of the song but i wanted to add the second part to it, back then i actually brought another producer to collaborate with but we weren’t on the same page, so i didn’t work on that record for a long time then after while when i got back to it i could also finish it cause then i could do what i had in mind only because all the time i was practicing more & experimenting so i got to finish it this time around for the album


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

When I was younger, I would listen to any kind of music I could find and tinker with Remixes. Back then I would talk endlessly about music with friends. I always had some artist I identified a certain style with and played around with sounds trying to imitate them. I shared music I’d been messing with friends, making playlists and such. It made me want to get involved in creating music of my own. When I moved to the United States, I started submitting for remix contests and performing here and there at local clubs. I won one of these contests, which got me on people’s radar, that lead to me getting my own residency in Boston. Doing a weekly helped me gain confidence to put together my own studio and getting creative with producing more on my own music.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

minimoog Voyager


What is one subgenre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

to me electronic music as a whole has to define itself so many subgenres but their still in the same family for example how genres like rock or hip hop has been


What is it that you love about the EDM scene?

to grow & establish the electronic music as a genre


What can we expect from you next year?

Got a ton of material I’ve been working on, tweaking and shaping for years. There are a lot more records I will be releasing over the next year or so. I have so much work worth putting out and I am currently polishing up my next release. For right now my focus is working on my live performance and making sure that I can reproduce Mothership live on stage at a high level. I’ll be releasing dates shortly, my plan is going out on the road for most of 2018.


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