Kings Of Dance Music


As thrilling as the name sounds, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) takes the audience by a storm every time the beat drops!

Among throngs of party animals, swaying ecstatically to the music and party lights flickering and dancing with the rhythm, the only thing keeping the spirit alive is the music!

Without the creativity of the artist, kingpin executives and other power players in the field, EDM would not have turned out the way it did and the party would have been rather flat.

The success and popularity of EDM culture can without fail be attributed to the influential power players who have invested more than their creative juices into producing this music. When surveyed about their favorite artists, masses of EDM fans and experts replied unanimously to vote some leading names.

Here are some names who rule the multi-billion dollar industry!

  1. James Barton

This 46 year old President of dance music at Live Nation has pioneered the movement towards progression in this field.

Brought on board by the former CEO who also bought Barton’s company (Cream Holdings), he was soon shifted to Los Angeles. With the leadership of Barton, EDM grew as Live Nation’s most successful genre and joined hands with Insomniac Events and names such as Hard.

Expanding markets abroad, Barton has switched gears to expand internationally and has launched 30 EDM festivals in places like Spain, Canada and Sweden.

  1. Diplo

A DJ by trade, Thomas Wesley Pentz a.k.a. Diplo, who owns Mad Decent.

This 36 year old launched his solo album in 2014 by the name of “Random White Dude Be Everywhere” and with due dedication of people like Kusatsu and McInnes, he has done justice to this name.

This artist is undoubtedly a power player in the industry who produced two popular dance releases in 2015: ‘Jack U’ with Skrillex featuring Justin Bieber, and Major Lazer’s new records ‘Peace Is The Mission’.


Mad Decent has progressed with the help of Zeds Dead as well as Yellow Claw and all the while disclosing his secret recipe for success: to make records sound like they will play in the year to come, meaning that producing music is nothing short of any other futuristic idea.

  1. Skrillex

A producer by passion and co-founder of OWSLA, this young 27-year-old has done his part in revolutionizing what EDM means to people and more importantly, how it is perceived.

Identifying the largely prevalent drug culture that the younger generation has deemed synonymous to EDM is the worst aspect of EDM’s popularity that the artist looks down upon.

In order to combat this trend, he claims to have produced abundant mixed-genre music for festivals to appeal to a wider population.

Wanting to inspire audiences at large, Skrillex is doing a tremendous job at running the company on one hand and playing over 200 shows annually with groups like Dog Blood and Jack U, on the other.

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