Lace Up – Body Shake Makes Fun Of World Famous Top EDM DJs

Lace Up - Body Shake Makes Fun Of World Famous EDM DJs


Lace Up is known on the urban dictionary as ‘to step your game up and get ready to rage‘ but is now the DJ alias for two young American female EDM producers who launched their music career with the name.

Lace up has shaken the EDM industry and tipped it upside down with their brand new humorous EDM Superstar Parody song Body Shake music video.

Making fun of mainstream EDM Artists and DJs like Avicii in a hospital bed with two bottles of booze, David Guetta being mad fun of in video games, Afrojack crashing his Ferrari, Steve Aoki, Deadmau5, Paris Hilton and more. This video does not go easy on EDM.

The American Act, Lace Up has released their new EDM parody song Body Shake, Lets just hope the worldwide famous EDM DJs think its funny too.

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