Leon & Zidane Release Progressive House Song “Firewall” & [EXCLUSIVE] Interview

Leon & Zidane


Leon & Zidane is the newest electronic dance music producer/DJ duo on the scene.

They have just signed their newest release ‘Firewall’ with Felicity Records. It is an uplifting progressive house song that is sure to get the club energy up and make everyone party hard and have a good time.

Firewall is such an energetic and uplifting dance song you could easily confuse this song with sounding like top DJs Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, or Cosmic Gate.

Listen to the song exclusively below here only on EDM RANKS before it is released in all major stores next week.

There is also a very exciting music video coming soon, that is in the making as you read this.

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These two dance music masterminds make incredible songs that you could easily confuse with top DJs like

EDM RANKS interviewed Leon & Zidane on some things like their new song ‘Firewall’, how they started producing, future music plans and more.

Leon & Zidane Interview

What Inspired you to make “Firewall”?

Leon: I’ve been inspired by festivals like Tomorrowland, UMF etc… And I always wanted to make energetic progressive house music that works on the dance floor!

Zidane: Leon came up with the initial idea, and sent me the stems, after that I did my thing and it just worked out great.


How did you both begin producing electronic dance music?

Leon: When I first time heard Animals by Martin Garrix on the dance floor, as well as Levels by Avicii it woke up something in me. Since then, my musical hearth left heavy metal and focused on EDM music!

Zidane: I actually found deadmau5’s “ghosts n stuff” while browsing through youtube 8 years ago and later on clicked on a suggested video which was Wolfgang Gartner’s “5th Symphony” and immediately I began researching more on this new music that I discovered on the internet. At that time, electronic music was non existent in the country I am in right now, Bangladesh. And so, I kept on going until I stumbled upon Ableton Live and here I am.


Do you have a favourite VST plugin or instrument to use?

Leon: VPS Avenger and Omnisphere are my favourites.

Zidane: LFOTool, OTT and ofcourse the API-2500.


What is it that you love about the electronic dance music scene?

Leon: The possibility to make something out of nothing that will bring a smile or tears to peoples faces!

Zidane: What Leon stated, Power of Manipulation!


What is one subgenre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

Leon: Progressive house, but the old one like in 2012. That’s why we are producing it 🙂

Zidane: In my opinion, liquid drum & bass.


What can we expect from you this year?

Leon: Only more awesomeness and hopefully our appearance on the DJ both around the globe!

Zidane: You can expect the unexpected.


Get more information about Leon & Zidane at Felicity Records.

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