Lets Change The ‘RAVE Act’ Petition

Amend the RAVE Act!


Its nothing new that EDM festivals have been criticized about the lack of water at festivals, Along with wanting a Dance Safe tent at the festivals as well.

Unfortunately, One death is one to many and there is now need for a change. A change to fix and update the ‘RAVE Act‘ law. Join EDM Ranks and help save lives by signing the Rave Act petition and get the politician’s and congress to change the Rave Act law and make EDM festivals much more safe.

My name is Dede Goldsmith. On August 31, 2013, my daughter, Shelley, died of heat stroke at an electronic dance music (EDM) concert in Washington D.C. after taking MDMA.

One more death is one too many.

Her death was partly the result of a dated law from 2003 called the RAVE Act that prevents safe settings at EDM events. Please join me in signing this petition. It is time for a “safety first” approach to drug use that includes harm reduction measures along with current law enforcement efforts.

Shelley was an honors student at the University of Virginia. She loved life and was an inspiration to all those who knew her. Her death was not an overdose. Rather, it resulted from a combination of MDMA and dehydration after dancing for hours in a hot, overcrowded environment, which ultimately led to hyperthermia or heat stroke. It can happen to anyone. In fact, fatalities are increasing at EDM concerts and festivals across the country.

Too many young people are dying, and the 2003 RAVE Act is part of the problem because it is preventing the implementation of common sense safety measures at these events. It is time for a “safety first” approach to drug use that emphasizes harm reduction alongside current law enforcement efforts.

I am committed to making sure these tragedies do not happen to any other families. Will you join me in helping improve our country’s drug policy and protect young people in the EDM community?


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