Limbi Wins EDM RANKS Remix Competition


In June EDM RANKS held an electronic dance music remix competition, and has now selected a remix winner.

Listen Here.

Meet LIMBi, he got the idea for his artist name from his real name ‘Limbikani’.

LIMBi is a Zambian music producer who was introduce to electronic dance music thru a friend. LIMBI now finds himself working hard everyday to make his signature sound.

LIMBi told us

I have a narc for trying to be creative So I found that the best way I can express this is through music.


Experimenting with many genres like R&B and Hip hop at first, LIMIBi says it was only after trying to produce these genres that lead him to begin producing electronic dance music. Sharing his music with friends and family he gets very important feed back which helps him to produce more great dance music songs.

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