Listen to DJ Hodor’s Brand New House Song

Listen to DJ Hodor’s brand new house track


DJ Kristian Nairn or AKA the loveable giant from Game of Thrones has just released his uplifting diva inspired house song, Even though Nairn is best known for his acting work on Game of Thrones, Nairn has been DJing for 20+ years, and has been producing a lot since his recent tour “Rave of Thrones tour” in North America and Australia.

With vocals from Leanne Robinson and a piano melody designed for the dance floor, “Up” is like an epic throwback of 90’s Euro dance.

The song “Up” was released on Radikal Records check it out and listen to it below:

The track begins with a minimal and very unique vibe, then transforms into a uplifting happy diva house song. Well done Hodor.

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