LUST3R Releases ‘Pure Evil’ Dubstep [EXCLUSIVE]

Lust3r - Pure Evil Dubstep


Back in the day, dubstep producers could be separated into a few (arbitrary) styles within the genre. There was the “dub-reggae-step” like Sukh Knight, the spooky “ghost-step” of Jack Sparrow, and yet another is the “giant-robots-battling-for-world-domination-step”. UK producer James “Key” Blackmore AKA LUST3R would fit right into the latter.

 LUST3R – “Pure Evil”

The 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist/producer from Liverpool brings his heavy sound to an even darker depth with his bass drenched release of “Pure Evil”. Imagine if Excision and Satan created a child and put it up for adoption because it was just too nasty. That’s the kind of savagery that makes this track an immediate attention grabber.

LUST3R is already banging his sounds worldwide, having reached the top 10 on the ReverbNation dubstep charts at No.1 in the UK and No.4 in the world. The future is only going to get him more attention and more heads bobbing. Give “Pure Evil” a listen and then head straight to church.

I got to talk to LUST3R about his music and his many sources of inspirations in our exclusive EDM RANKS interview:


Tell us about “Pure Evil”. What was the idea behind this track?

I had wanted to create a track even darker than some of my previous work.  I started by getting inspiration from some of my favorite artists like Figure, Excision and Lord Swan3x. I watched some of my old favorite horror movies as well because I wanted to sample some creepy monologue and I couldn’t think of one more fitting than Rob Zombie’s version of the cult classic ‘Halloween’. From there I wrote a drop around the eerie notion of the phrases I sampled.


How did you begin producing?

I can’t truly remember when I started producing… I think it came in waves over many years. I remember getting my first taste of music production by playing the old PlayStation 2 music generator games where you would have a large array of samples to experiment with and piece together a full track. Skipping forward many years, I excelled in my music class in high school. Taking up multiple instruments and advancing in piano, guitar, bass, and drums gave me all the vital keys I would need to finally take up producing music.


What inspires you to create music?

I try and seek inspiration in all things from music, film, art, and games to architecture, nature, space, and technology. I also try to see the bigger picture, when I watch the big artists on stage in front of thousands; I try to make that a form of future inspiration for the place that I want to be one day.


You’re from the UK, the birthplace of dubstep. What was it like to watch it blow up worldwide?

I remember when dubstep first came into the public eye after spending so many years as an underground music genre. At first I didn’t know what to make of the sound at all, but as the genre grew and expanded across the globe I believe dubstep got to achieve its full potential when all the different interpretations created all the new sub-genres to become the mainstream dubstep we know today. But sadly, after going worldwide, it hasn’t really returned home. The dubstep scene has died down here while it has flourished in the US … Bring dubstep back to the UK!


Do you have a favorite DAW, VST plugin, or instrument you like to use?

I have experimented with many DAWs and VSTs over the years and I play a range instruments. I would have to say my favorite DAW is something that would shock a lot of people, because of the kind of music I make, and that DAW is Propellerhead’s ‘Reason’. I have used ‘Reason’ for the better part of 10 years now so I have found it hard to switch to any other DAW, which is something I want to do as ‘Reason’ does not support VSTs. Having said that, I would have to change VSTs to Rack Extensions (RE) as they are known in ‘Reason’ and say my current favorite is Blamsoft’s ‘Expanse’ which is ‘Reason’s answer to the ever popular Xfer ‘Serum’. As for instruments, I am virtually a one man band! My most favourite instruments have to be my piano/keytar and guitar.


What can we expect from you in the next year?

Currently, I have been working on my own signature synth patch library for Reason 9 and I plan on making an EP using all my new sounds and maybe even release it on a label of some sort. I’m also planning on expanding my YouTube channel, making some Music Tutorial videos, and some Live DJing and instrumental videos of myself. I’m going to start releasing some DJ mega mixes on my Soundcloud for potential future sets. Other than that, you can expect more harsh and dirty sounds and more epic drops!

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