Major Labels Disapprove With SoundCloud’s Terms, Negotiations Halt

soundcloud struggles with major labels


Well, it looks like SoundCloud wont be closing any deals with the 3 major music labels anytime soon.

Since July 2014 rumors say that SoundCloud has begun active negotiations with three major labels for equity in the Berlin-based online audio sharing company.

Since then SoundCloud has had numerous high profile bans on the platform (Kaskade), song takedown notices, and backlash from users on social media and the public towards the website that musicians use to adore.

Kaskade expressed his feelings towards the new SoundCloud changes after SoundCloud sent him email notices reading


 “Our automatic protection content system has detected”


Basically telling him his own music is in violation of copyrights.

Things continue to roll downhill as SoundCloud struggles to implement a sustainable business model.

According to the Financial Times, past negotiations with the big 3 labels have halted due to the weak terms of SoundCloud’s proposal to license their music. Universal is no longer actively negotiating with SoundCloud, According to people close to the meetings.

In order for SoundCloud to continue to be successful they must get support from the 3 major record labels, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group.

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