Major Record Labels Push Spotify To End Free Music Streaming


Another EDM news story on the ever so fast evolving online music streaming services.

The major record labels like Universal, Warner, and Sony are pushing Spotify to end free music streaming, as fast as ‘early 2016’ reliable sources say. This shouldn’t be shocking, as the major record labels have also been pushing Soundcloud to remove infringing songs, as the major record labels are not being compensated.

“They want the free users to feel like they’re missing something, not just forced to listen to ads,”


One source close to the negotiations relayed.

Inside sources revealed that Spotify might cancel their free music streaming service in early 2016 due to pressure from major record labels like Universal, Warner, and Sony, Which would result in a subscription based model only, Like Apple Music and Tidal.

Spotify Paid Subscribers Vs Free Subscribers




Spotify will soon be shifting towards a premium-only, ‘gated access’ model, according to several sources speaking in confidence with Digital Music News over the weekend.  The decision will mean that certain releases will only be available to paying Spotify subscribers, or offered for an extremely limited time to non-paying users, according to preliminary details shared.

Sources cautioned that details on what exactly constitutes ‘premium-only’ or ‘gated’ remain unresolved, and a number of variations are in play.  In one scenario, free users would only have access to one or two songs from a high-profile album, while paying subscribers could listen to the entire release without restriction.

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