Making EDM: What Is Production Going to Take?



Making EDM

When it comes to EDM music, the trickle truth is: it’s a messy process.

There are days when you’ll come up with great ideas, and then are days where you can’t even come up with an intro. But what’s more important than not throwing in the towel is taking initiative to carve out a plan that works for you.

Creating electronic dance music is a form of art. Just like an artist needs the right brushes to paint a blank canvas, you need the right ideas and equipment. So many aspiring artists falsely believe that creating New EDM music is easy as taking a walk in the park.

It’s not. It can be an intricate journey. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Plan Everything Accordingly

Just because the first beat sounds good doesn’t mean that’s what you should go for! You need to be patient. Don’t rush things. Build up on your ideas. They’ll come to you slowly but remember that it was the tortoise that won the race, not the rabbit!

Eventually, you’ll strike a chord (see what we did there?)

Build your ideas and experiment with different sounds. Ask a friend to listen and provide you with feedback.

Choose Your DAW

What’s your Digital Audio Workstation Like? So many new artists make the mistake of just tangoing with one software program. Explore your options. How do you know something better won’t come along unless you explore possibilities?

Whether you choose to go with something basic or advanced is your choice. But if you’re going for basic software, remember that you’ll need to download several others. Different options is the way to go when choosing your software.

Eventually, you’ll come across one that fits all your requirements!

Note: Keep your budget in mind, as well as reviews/testimonials and online feedback.

Post It Online!

Do you know the best way to spread your wings and reach out to like minded people? It’s joining an online community.

Posting your work on digital platforms is the best way to get your music discovered! In addition, you’ll meet fellow aspiring musicians who can give you incredible feedback and tips.

While social media is great, you can only reach out to limited number of followers.

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