Marshmello Faces Copyright Lawsuit From Arty


It seems Marshmello just cant keep his name out of the EDM news lately.

But this edm news is not good for the DJ/artist.

EDM DJ and Producer Arty is suing Marshmello. Arty claims Marshmello stole elements from his One Republic song “I Lived” remix.

The Arty vs Marshmello lawsuit also includes Marshmello’s co-writers on the song, Daniel Campbell Smith, the co-founder of the British rock band Bastille, and Steve Mac as defendants. Kobalt Music is also listed as a defendant.

This is not the first time we have seen ghost producers making other artists songs.

Arty and Marshmello share a music publisher, Kobalt Music, which is also a defendant in the suit. The record label that both Marshmello and Arty are signed too.

The lawsuit is unique in that the underlying composition is not the subject of the legal dispute. Instead, Arty claims the beats and other components he added to his version of the song, called “I Lived – Arty Remix” were copied by Marshmello and his collaborators for their hit song “Happier.”

Arty is suing for the court to find that “Happier” infringed on his song, that he is entitled to damages and for an accounting of all revenue generated by “Happier” in order to determine how much money he should be entitled to.

“Everything we have to say is set out in detail in the complaint, including the compelling musical transcriptions comparing the two works,” Busch said.

Because the copyright lawsuit, filed in federal court in California, focuses only on the remixed elements of the song, the case is sure to grab attention in the music industry.

Arty is represented by prominent Nashville copyright attorney Richard Busch, who has won a number of landmark cases, notably Marvin Gaye’s lawsuit against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke over the song “Blurred Lines.”

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