Maximize The Loudness Of Your Master Track With The DeeMMax Plugin

Dotec Audio Dee M Max loudness maximizer for mastering


EDM Artists and music producers does your master track just not sound loud enough?

Meet Dotec Audio, an vst company who specializes in audio plugin software and technology.

Audio plugin software allows music producers and edm artists to better manipulate the audio signals and sound. This audio plugin/vst technology was invented in 1996 by Steinberg in the Cubase DAW.

How Does This Audio Plugin Work?

The DeeMMax audio plugin is made for maximizing the loudness of your master track. This vst plugin supports both Windows OS and Mac OS.

With proprietary harmonics processing technology Dotec Audio is able to deliver a loud sound clearly while maintaining the mix balance.

Make your master song track more loud with the touch of a single knob. Use the setting 0%-100% to boost the clarity and loudness of your song. This is one way how you can make your songs sound loud and professional like the songs on the radio. Make the sound more soft with a softness setting, and also control the output with an output setting.

Support for multiple DAW’s are shown below:

  • ProTools 11.x & 12.x & 2018
  • Cubase 8.x 9.x 10.x
  • Ableton Live 9.x
  • Sonar X2 – PLATINUM
  • Studio One 3.x
  • FL Studio 12.x
  • Logic Pro X 10.x
  • GarageBand 10.x
  • Reason 9.5
  • ACID Pro 8
  • Digital Performer 10

Review Of DeeMMax Audio Plugin VST

This vst plugin is considered to be a next-generation audio plugin for mastering your songs. The simple UI allows the producers to simply boost the signal with good quality and continue to produce more great songs.

So if you are looking for the pros and cons of the DEeMMax mastering VST, we have listed it in this news post. Let’s begin with the pros:

  1. Simple to use
  2. Powerful mastering results
  3. Manufacturer support with Youtube videos


  1. Not free



If you need a new vst to master your songs, this could be the one for you. Download this mastering audio plugin and give it a try. What do you have to lose?


What are you waiting for? Download this plugin and start maximizing your master tracks for their full potential!

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