Maximize Your Sound With The SideMinderME Stereo Width Plugin


Do you need your synths, samples or master track to sound bigger and wider?

Many stereo width enhancer plugins can create polarity inversion, but not SideMinderME!

Maximize your stereo width today with the SideMinderME dynamic stereo width maximizer. This stereo width maximizer audio effect plugin is created by Raising Jake Studios, and is just one of the many plugins they make.

How Does This Audio Plugin Work?

Sideminder ME does not add to the signal source, it expands and enhances the original signal, producing bigger, wider stereo mixes that remain mono compatible.

SideMinderME Plugin Features

SideMinder ME is a multi-band mastering plugin for MacOS and Windows.

  • SideMinder ME can decrease or increase the stereo width of a track without negative correlation, (out of phase) distortion and over widening.
  • up to 3 bands of stereo width enhancement with width limiters that prevent over-widening and negative correlation.
  • Can be used to process and increase /decrease audio signals or analyze with the visual meter.

Is This for My Master Track or Individual Tracks?

Because The SideMinderME plugin uses more CPU, it is made more for master tracks, final mixes, and buses.

The mini version SideMinder plugin is made for individual tracks and synths.


SideMinderME plugin is a great audio plugin to add to the arsenal of your music production tools. Especially if you want a little more out of your stock stereo width enhancer. Raising Jake Studio’s also has a free trial of this so download it today and give it a shot! What do you have to lose?

Download the SidemInder ME audio plugin now!

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