Michi Releases Uplifting Euphoric House Music Song ‘Luft Spazieren’



Lately house music, deep house and many other different types of EDM have been absolutely exploding in other continents like Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia with so many different kinds of talented artists and producers emerging from everywhere. Which makes it funny when people say EDM is dead, There was even a Rave on the Wall of China this year, In China. Even China loves EDM now.

Meet Michi, a very talented electronic music producer from Japan, She has released her newest song an amazing uplifting euphoric house song called ‘Luft Spazieren’. 

Be prepared to want to get up and dance as this song will captivate your mind into another place. Her last song was a groovy deep house song called ‘On Planet Lounge’ for those who are just learning about her for the first time.

‘Luft Spazieren’ takes on a different vibe with an even more addicting beat, uplifting euphoric melody that is indescribable, and funky grooves that make you want to tap your feet and nod your head.

Dont take my word for it though, check it out below.

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