Mick Schultz Debuts Keith James – ‘Not My Day’ EDM Remix [EXCLUSIVE]


Keith James is a R&B/Pop Artist and multi-platinum songwriter whose distinctive mixture of skills in Pop, Hip-hop, and R&B has led to writing multiple songs for top-selling artists such as Jeremih, Nicki Minaj, Wale, and others.

Now With the help of his producer Mick Schultz, Keith James is stepping into the spotlight as a performer with his debut EP From The Grey, which was inspired by the notion that stereotypes and genre lines should be blurred. The EP includes James’ first single “Not My Day,” which ranked in the Top 10 Most Viral Tracks on Spotify in early August.

Mick Schultz is definitely a rare breed of musician, Being a multi-platinum producer Schultz has created a vast amount of great remixes and songs, like for singer Jeremih’s hit song ‘Birthday Sex‘, as well as ‘Down on me‘ featuring 50 cent.

Keith James – ‘Not My Day’ (Original)

Mick Schultz – ‘Not My Day’ (Remix)

Mick takes this remix to a whole new level, making this already feel good song into an uplifting, natural euphoric music high of bliss. If the groovy deep house vibes and amazing vocals dont catch you off the start, just wait for the melodic saxophone melody to kick in with the excellent house beat. This one is a killer, beware. You will find yourself clicking replay over and over.

We got a chance to interview and talk with Mick on some things like the best tips for upcoming producers, EDM artists and DJs, Omnisphere, Massive, and his views on electronic dance music and more. Check it out below.

Mick Schultz Interview

What are the best tips for upcoming producers?

Find your sound and keep pushing your boundaries. The way the internet is there is so much new music coming out everyday that the only real way to stand out is be unique and put out the best quality music you can.


Is there anything you have to say on the way the music industry is at the moment?

The “industry” is constantly trying to figure out how to adapt to the digital world. At this moment artists and producers just have to be thankful they have so many platforms to release their music on and reach new fans.


What do you think about electronic dance music?

Growing up on a lot of R&B music I didn’t listen to a lot of electronic dance music. But as I started to produce I really fell in love with it. Just electronic music in general is so limitless. It’s always a challenge to try and make that synth sound no one has heard yet, and that’s whats so fun.


A lot of people talk about having a favorite VST/synth, is this important, and if so what’s yours?

I don’t think its important to have a “favorite” synth. It’s just about knowing how to use what you have. People that have unique sounds have them because they know how to use the synth’s/plugins/VST’s they have. I love the Juno-60, Moog Voyager, for plugin’s I use Omnisphere a ton, Massive a lot. Im into re-sampling sounds I make to create new crazy stuff!


Any plans for the future?

Continue to release new music for the world to hear as consistently as possible. That’s what I enjoy the most!


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