Middle Child Releases Fresh Future Bass/Trap Song “Mercy”


Middle Child is an American electronic dance music producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

And after talking with him for a bit, you will learn his heart is just as soothing as his music.

He has been attracting a lot of attention lately with his new future bass and chill out trap hybrid hit “Mercy”, This is definitely one upcoming electronic music producer with a lot of great talent and music.

Middle Child’s Spotify is filled with other great songs like “Miracle” and “Hybrid Feelings” these are my other favorites at the moment, and I cant wait to hear what he makes in the future. “Dream Machine” is another great happy Trap tune for the trap heads, But today, im going to dissect “Mercy“.

Dont forget to add these to your Spotify Playlist (or check them out here on my Future bass Playlist.)

Middle Child – Mercy

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“Mercy” is truly one of the best future bass/chill trap songs i have heard since Subaholics released “Call Me”, there is something about the energy and flow that sends positive vibes to anyone listening to “Mercy”.

Once you click play The soft calm melody slowly shines (not fades) in, a soothing vocal slowly begins talking in a subtle voice.. break, silence, …a child’s voice softly speaks counting, 1, 2, 3 ,4.

Mercy drops and opens up hitting you in the face with full a force of positive energy that is slicing and chopping at your brain, making you feel like holy water and diamonds are washing over your body listening to “Mercy” makes my body feel like i can travel to space and get blessed by god every time i hear it.

This is one trap/ future bass song that will definitely keep you clicking replay for years to come.

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