Moby Says “I’m going to go away for awhile.”


About one week ago Moby released his book, with apparently many lies and strange stories in it.

Moby has canceled his UK book tour in recent news on his Instagram, Moby apologizes and uploads a picture that says ‘last post’ and writes that he’s “going to go away for awhile”:

I’m going to go away for awhile.

But before I do I want to apologize again, and to say clearly that all of this has been my own fault.

I am the one who released the book without showing it to the people I wrote about. I’m the one who posted defensively and arrogantly. I’m the one who behaved inconsiderately and disrespectfully, both in 2019 and in 1999.

There is obviously no one else to blame but me.

Thank you, and I’m sorry.



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