Mystical Meditation Music

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We all love EDM, who doesn’t?

But with so much emphasis on electronic dance music, sometimes its nice to also take a moment to chill out and relax with some mystical mediation music. Or mediate to it.

Mystical Meditation Music

These two meditation songs were recorded Dawg (Divine Actions With Guidance). Having flat lined and came back to life after a very serious burn accident, This is one artist who truly has a second chance at life.

The first meditation song “ColdFire” was written and recorded at the end of 2012.  produced with acoustic instruments and Ableton, Dawg immediately went into a 29 hour music recording trance and came out with the 7 minute song below.

The second meditation song is “Mohabe Wales” which was recorded  in 2000 with Dawg’s friend G-Kneeus.


   It felt like the Divine was driving our hands as we saw the song come to life. Dawg


This mediation song was wrote and recorded on their second jam/meeting ever.  G-Kneesus did the awesome guitars, Dawg wrote the harmonic and low bass + wale calls.


I ran into “G-Kneeus” – awesome Russian friend from Brooklyn. On our 1st meeting we smoked, jammed, smoked, meditated, recorded, smoked, he mixed, I stayed for most and went home. By the time I got home in Long Island, “Mohabe Wales” was in a zip file in my email and she was born. Dawg


These meditation tracks have several layers of bass crossing several frequencies so that when we meditate, our spirit levitates.


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