Myth Busting: EDM Edition – 5 Misconceptions About EDM

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When it comes to EDM, if you’re not really into the scene, you probably know what you know about it from what others say or little snippets you might have picked up from here or there. The thing is, like with any genre, you really need to have a love and interest to understand what it’s about!

Misconceptions about EDM

At the same time, we believe that everyone needs to start somewhere! If you’re someone who is only just beginning to develop an interest in EDM music, the first thing you might want to do is clear out some common myths and misconceptions about EDM!

5 Misconceptions about EDM

We’re going to proceed to bust some of the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding EDM. We suggest those of you new to the genre or EDM scene give this a quick read so the next time you rock up at a club or end up in a forum where EDM is being discussed, you have a sense of what is what!

It’s a One Sided Genre

There are many who have a rather reductive view of EDM which to most musicians and enthusiasts can be quite infuriating to hear. The idea here is that EDM is a singular genre. Wrong. Just like Rock, Jazz and Folk music further split and divided into subgenres; EDM is quite the same.

In reality, EDM is a blanket term used to cover more than 50 sub genres including Japanoise, Acid House and Electro!

EDM is not really Music

An archaic way of looking at things is the notion that EDM is not really music. This comes from the misconception that because physical instruments might not play as main features; what producers put together really doesn’t count.

This is inaccurate as music is not just about instruments. It’s also about timing, beats, a sense of rhythm and the ability to put it all together – all things you can observe in a solid EDM track!

EDM Production is Simple

Some people think that producing EDM is merely a matter of downloading a computer based studio and getting to work laying beat over beat. Wrong again! Producing EDM is not everyone’s piece of cake and is most definitely not something you could just do well using a single interface.

Producing EDM means having a musical sense, a good sense of timing and of course a vast knowledge of what else is being produced. It also requires a technical understanding of the equipment used to produce the same. In short, though it may be fun, it’s far from simple!

EDM is something Novel

EDM is in no way a new age phenomenon. In truth, most reliable sources will tell you that this genre actually began to take center stage back in the 80s and has been in a constant state of motion or evolution since.

For those of you who thrive on music from the good old 80’s; EDM is most definitely a part of that musical era!

EDM is Drug Music

Woah now just a minute! Let’s make one thing clear here. No music is drug music! Sure people under the influence of certain substances might enjoy listening to music in general. This being said, EDM its self has little or nothing to do with drugs or drug use!

You have numerous EDM producers that haven’t touched an illicit substance in their lives and produce some of the latest EDM out there! What you put in your body has nothing to do with the music you listen to, EDM or otherwise!

Winding Down

There are other little misconceptions and myths associated with EDM but we feel we’ve covered the big ones! If you want to remain up to date on the latest EDM news and other far out stuff, download our EDM app and stay informed!

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