N3twork Debuts Single ‘Keep You Closer’ Ft. Kamayu


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N3twork is an electronic dance music producer and from America. Producing his own genre N3twork calls “Dance Flick, a stylish house music guided by mood and emotions of the moment.”

His new debut single ‘Keep You Closer’ is just that, a groovy deep house song that sets the perfect mood with an awesome vibe of emotions that will force you to begin dancing and singing the hooks wherever you are.

N3twork describes himself and his music as:

I’m somewhere on the other side of the digital cloud and I like to communicate beauty through my music and everything that I do. The surrounding world is about resonance so let’s vibe.



Can you tell us more about the song and where the idea came from?

It was a lovely afternoon in LA, when the sun was hot and I was expecting my friend (Kamayu) to stop by for a cup of coffee. The song happened entirely on a one beautiful impulse. I was working on the beat trying different sounds, grooves and vocal hooks for the chorus part, inspired by my all time favorite muse (can’t give her name away for now haha).  The song for me has a pleasant sense of anxiety and urgency.

When Kamayu came by, he grabbed the guitar and started playing some of the new songs he was working on for his project. I felt like it would be fun to create something right there in the moment, and as I already had the beat done I played it to him and he digged it. We literally rushed to my room where I produce and wrote the lyrics and melodies in about 15 minutes, just because the hype and energy of the song was so real for us. Without bothering to use any sound proof equipment or going to the studio we tracked all the vocals right in my room with Kamayu doing verses and pre-choruses and me singing harmonies and “Keep You Closer” hook. It was a matter to sit down and mix the record and bring in final touches and it was done. It was really great to experience all that at once and having a huge blast with the song!


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