Never, Ever, Do This At The Club


You have your nieces 14 year old birthday party, and then you have the club.

Which one of these places should you never ask for ‘a song request’?

You got it, the club.

Two girls walk up and begin asking for song requests, one begins with:

Excuse me, my cousin just got married and we just did a whip and a nae nae with the family can you PLEASE PLAY IT! Our entire family will do it.


Dub Architect mumbles something like “I dont have it, i cant do it”

Hoping they go away, but they continue with..

I have it, we have it, we have it, we have it, and i know you have an ipod plug.


 Play it


Why cant you do it?


Ill pay you $30


Its not a bad song


Even if you are close enough to ask the DJ for a song request, you should try to control yourself as much as possible and not. Sober or drunk, its not an excuse. Just enjoy the show and the art that the EDM artist/DJ wants you to hear.

Watch this video below of two girls who make non stop song requests to Dub Architect, distracting him from his set, and creating unwanted stress for him in the middle of his live set. Unfortunately, this is nothing new for DJs. Why it keeps happening is a mystery…

So please, never, ever, do this at a club or your next music show.

Dub Architect posted on his Facebook:

Want to see what NOT to do when attending a concert? From this weekend’s show on the Jersey Shore here’s just ONE of the clips I have of this group of girls screaming at and harassing me to play the “Whip & Nae Nae” then threatening to “get the owner” of the venue when I tried explaining (as nicely as I could while doing so quickly because you know… it’s not like I was in the middle of DUB MIXING, or that there were speakers blaring about 2 feet away, or that it was clearly evident that this was a REGGAE show) that hell would freeze over first.

Over the past few years touring and performing live I’ve gotten used to this happening every one in a while at venues that don’t traditionally host live music or where I know the crowd really doesn’t know what dub is – people see a laptop and think… “oh he’s a DJ” which apparently equates to “I can just go scream requests at the top of my lungs and then act like a toddler when I don’t get my way.” But just FYI (and I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir posting this to my fans)… acting this way is not ok.

Please don’t be a jerk and act like this at music events. You’re there to see people perform (aka put their entire energy and self into a performance… for your viewing and listening pleasure) – just because you paid doesn’t mean you get to act like an entitled brat by screaming at the musicians how to do their job. I can’t believe I have to actually explain to people why acting like this is not ok. Facepalm.



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