New DAW: Bitwig Studio

bitwig studio daw


There are many different DAW’s available today, But today we are going to look at Bitwig.

Bitwig has been in the making for years now.

Bitwig is one of the latest DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation) around.

We have watched it grow from an empty “Coming Soon’ Website page to a full blown website and product that is ready to be used. Yes, there are still some minor glitches in Bitwig.. But for this young and upcoming German audio software company the future is looking Very bright, No Really….

Just like any DAW, Everyone from Ghost Producers to the upcoming EDM producer will be using this new DAW, If they’re not already!

Bitwig is very similar to Ableton.

We will be the first to admit that, But there is a reason for this.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Ableton Understands

Ableton is German audio software company, They have been around since October 30th, 2001 with “Ableton Live 1”.

Ableton, Along with Steinberg’s Cubase and Logic, Are one of the most professional and reliable DAWs available today and paved the way for most of the features and luxuries we have today in our DAW.

Along the years Ableton and  Steinberg have been the main leaders in software innovation, Making drastic changes in the DAW’s we now use and see today.

But is there about to be a 4th?

Believe it or not, Some of the current Bitwig team members are former Ableton developers.



Bitwig offers many new features and tricks up their sleeve.

bitwig studio

Bitwig Studio Clipview


One being the “Open Controller API”. The Bitwig “Open Controller API,” is an open-source platform that allows anyone from hardware manufacturers or Bitwig Studio users to makes changes to their current hardware with JavaScript that allows better compatibility with MIDI controllers and other hardware. Any producer knows this has been a pain in the past. Bitwig hopes to solve those incompatibility issues by making a universal solution.

bitwig studio daw

Bitwig Studio

But this is just a preview of what is to come, check out the official Bitwig website for more info!

We see only good things coming from this new DAW.


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