News Of Leaked Spinnin Records Contract Shows Borgeous Uses Ghost Producers


It’s really nothing new to the EDM news world anyone, Finding fake DJs who purchase ghost produced songs is so common nowdays we quit covering it.

But this story was just too juicy, especially given the history of it. What makes this story even more interesting is this is not the first time Borgeous has had bad luck in the online EDM news world.

2014: Borgeous Ignores and Blocks Fans

In 2014 an angry and upset Borgeous started blocking his own fans on Twitter for asking about KSHMR. Flash forward to 2016 and now more dirt hits the fan for the DJ.

2016: Borgeous Ghost Producer Contract Leaked

An anonymous source allegedly sent EDM news website Your EDM official the leaked Spinnin Records contract between Borgeous and Deep Dish Inc. The contract shows proof of payments made to KSHMR (Niles Hollowell-Dhar) for production of at least two Borgeous songs.

The source also says there is an official recording agreement between Borgeous, Deep Dish Inc, and KSHMR. KSHMR is the president Deep Dish Inc. There is also an amendment to the agreement that allows Borgeous to sign with Spinnin Records and revokes KSHMR’s right to claim credit for these two songs, aka ghost producing.

The Leaked EDM Ghost Producer Contract..

The two leaked contracts are for “They Dont Know Us” and “Zero Gravity”. Keep reading below for the leaked ghost producer contracts.

According to the contracts KSHMR recieved 50% from Spinnin Records for “They Dont Know Us” master and 25% for “Zero Gravity”. Another 25% and 12.5% went to KSHMR and Deep Dish Inc. Even though these are labeled as Borgeous songs he is only making half the revenue on these song, or less.


When will things change?

Yet some how people still show up in the thousands to see him DJ songs he has purchased from other producers.


When will people wake up and support their bed room friend producers and underground EDM like they support the artists and DJs on the radio?

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