Nihil Young/Less Hate Releases Deep House “My Friend” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


 Since 2008 Nihil Young aka (Less Hate) has been very busy delivering a remarkable amount of productions and remixes for many top artists and labels.

He’s helped changing and evolving the trends in House Music, Minimal and Tech House, writing and engineering top selling tunes for his own Frequenza and Frequenza Limited, Definitive Recordings, 1605, Ultra Music, Armada, Universal and just recently Atlantic Records.

Nihil Young – “My Friend”

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Nihili has many different styles he produces like deep house, house, minimal and some techno. His music is so unique it’s hard to find another artist to compare his work with, and in this day in age this is what every artist fights for, a unique sound. You could say most of his songs are house music with influences of other electronic dance music genres sprinkled around in here and there.

“My Friend” starts with a groovy house beat and an atmosphere of synths that make you feel like your being brought to life. The song quickly transforms into a beautiful dark sound and the vocals of Nihil saying ” Whats the matter with you my friend”. A new mind bending celestial melody fades in and the song continues to build with a variety of percussion and background noises, white noise, and effects that all fit perfectly together. This is sure to be a favorite of mine for a long

Discovered by Umek, John Acquaviva, Fergie and Spektre to name Nihil Young has delivered the now classic “Good Music” tune, with Dan Diamond and John Acquaviva, which–being on Beatport’s Top 5 for 4 months–became a Techno top seller of 2011 and got nominated as Beatport’s Techno track of the year.

Dont forget that Nihil has two alias’s he goes by so you need to search both “Less Hate” and “Nihil Young” on all platforms and social networks. The Less hate link above will take you to his Spotify where he has many more sweet edm tunes like “I Feel Your Heat“, “Polychrom“, “Soul Doubt“, and many more. No really.. there is more.

Lately he goes on delivering top notch remixes to great EDM artists artists like Robbie Rivera, Etienne De Crecy and Moonbootica.

When not producing Nihili likes to play on 2x CDJ Pioneer 2000s (with USB) with a 2000 Nexus 1x Mixer Pioneer 900 or better.

I got a chance to ask Nihil about “My Friend”, some music producing tips and more check it out below.

Nihil Young Interview

Tell us about “My Friend” How did you come up with this idea for this song?

The vocal line / melody just hit me as i was sitting in the studio thinking about a few friends and acquaintances, their problems and worries. The intention is like a lullaby to ease their pain.
The whole foundation and melody, arpeggios and climax is all built on this simple, maybe banal, change of harmony in the vocal line in the middle of the track’s arrangement.
this is one of those melodic / crossover tracks that i reckon are impossible to sign – on average standard-sounding labels – while i’m doing them and listening to them afterwards. however it contains natural frequencies and an uplifting hidden message to it that i know most people need to hear -consciously or not.
All this compelled me to make it as good as i could and release it on my own label.


Any productions tips for upcoming artists?

this simple question could open up worlds and worlds and it would take quite a lot to answer in a plausible and useful way.

It would really depend on the intention of the upcoming artist in question. On whether he / she wants to achieve an industry standard kind of sound depending on the genre – or to try and achieve a really different, own kind of sound – which is very difficult, but in part doable. Nevertheless the first thing i always give tips about to everyone is:
whether you are making music in your studio, or bedroom or whatever, you should invest something in the acoustic treatment of the room, decent soundcard and in a decent pair of monitors (i would advise the new cost effective Focal monitors, the Yamaha HS series or if the room is small and well treated you can save a lot and achieve great results with the small Adam AX3).

Music-wise, if you want to make it and make it quick, pick your genre, stick to it and don’t try to do anything fancy, at least in the beginning. We are living in a crazy fast disposable music industry era when we are looking at genres like techno, deep house, tech house and stores like beatport etc…
The decent / bigger labels don’t really care about betting on new products unless they come from well known artists with own fanbase and marketing tricks.
So that’s true, you gotta bend, at least in the beginning. And stick to a name, don’t do countless pseudonyms because that’s a big mistake in my opinion. (I have 3, i know better 🙂 )

Finally comes the “live” or “dj” part. Which is about showing yourself to the world, agents, agencies, sponsored posts, events, marketing, promotion, friendships, drama, gossip and so on. I could have a say about all this, but i don’t really care for it very much.
only one tip: don’t get emotionally involved too much with any of this, because if it won’t work for you then maybe it’s not the right time or something is not right. Just work on improving yourself as an artist and individual but never bet your life on it. Mental health and health in general always comes first.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

I started djing as a turntablist / scratch music / hip hop dj when i was about 15. When i discovered electronic music and techno (especially Techno), i decided that i had to do it. Something about that kind of sound was just different, free and opened my mind to countless sound / creative possibilities that i never even thought of before. it’s not like i was a party guy and i heard it in the clubs while high on something, it was really the sound that got me involved. I was already doing hip hop beats for a few months, using a PC and Nuendo / Reason. I think it was ca. 2008-9 when i decided to try and do electronic music.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

music-wise, my voice is my favorite instrument as it gives me all the inspiration i need. i don’t use it so often but everything i do comes from something i can sing about.
Ableton Live and Logic. couldn’t live without them. VST? i love UAD, waves and don’t know if i could ever live without them. I love Sylenth very much because it’s very versatile.


What can we expect from you next year?

I am working to make my label Frequenza and the Frequenza label group a great, limitless and forward thinking music group. So that, and a bunch of new releases and collaborations with some exciting new acts, electronic music pioneers on my own labels / other labels where i regularly release. and definitely into looking to build my live set and do some shows. been procrastinating on this for quite a while now.


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