Nintendo Shares Up 120%


Some of you may hate it, others cant keep their hands off it.

Pokemon GO is the new craze that is responsible for sending Nintendo’s stock price up 120% to a total worth of $42.5 billion. Which is pretty good for a company that seems to have been slowly fading away the past 10 years.

Nintendo shares had another big increase on Tuesday, surging more than 14% in Tokyo amid widespread mania over the company’s sensational Pokemon Go game.

The stock’s performance following the release of the augmented reality game is staggering: Shares have risen by more than 120% since July 6, adding $23 billion to Nintendo (NTDOF)’s market value. The company is now worth $42.5 billion (4.5 trillion yen), more than Sony (SNE) (4.1 trillion yen), Canon (CAJ) (4 trillion yen), Panasonic (PCRFF) (2.4 trillion yen) or Toshiba (TOSBF) (1.3 trillion yen).

Since the game was released last Thursday, it has been downloaded on Android and Apple devices more than 5 million times.

Pokemon Go is a legitimate sensation — ranking as the top free downloaded app on both Apple’s (AAPL, Tech30) App Store as well as Google’s (GOOGL, Tech30) Play store for Android devices.


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