One Day With ATB (Space, Ibiza Interview)



Here it is from one of the realist electronic producers around. (Still producing his own music, Not Ghost Producers)

ATB’s interview with Space Ibiza covers many topics like EDM blowing up, How EDM is changing and what is to come for EDM next.

atb interview space ibiza

ATB Interview  @Space, Ibiza

ATB talks about his first hit and what made him, The Party Capital of the world, Ibiza, and his Musician/Producer/DJ career over the last 20+ years. He also brings up the topic of Electronic music and how people think EDM is getting too big and ‘Commercialized”

It always the same thing, After 20 years in the business i can say its always the same, People in the club umm, business or in the dance music business always think everything is getting commercialized, i heard this same thing 10 years ago, 13 years ago, last year, whatever it always the same thing…


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