Ookay Music Talks About Mac Miller, Famous DJ Life & Suicide Thoughts

ookay music performs at an American EDM Festival


The latest in EDM news, Ookay music talks about the stressful and challenging life of being a Top DJ.

With the passing of Avicii, and now the passing of famous American rapper Mac Miller, people are now starting to learn about the negative effects that being a famous DJ/artist can have on a person.

Even though we only think about the 1 or 2 hours they perform for, the life of a DJ really never ends, and goes far beyond just the 1 or 2 hour set time slot we see them perform form.

From being known all over the world, to being in a new city or new country every day or week, the life of a top DJ can be very tough.

Ookay music recently posted on Twitter about some of these obstacles top DJs and artists have today check it out below.

Ookay music talks about being a famous top dj and the hard life it brings.

Ookay music talks about life being a famous dj and the hard life it brings.


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