PACIENT X88 Releases “Embut” [EXCLUSIVE]


What happens when you take an EDM track back to the roots of rhythm? You get “Embut”, the latest release from Spanish producer, DJ, and composer Pacient X88.

PACIENT X88 – “Embut”

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Pacient X88’s “Embut” is a sonic journey that begins—like lots of early age music did—with tribal drums.

Pacient X88 puts a danceable techno beat under it and as the synths start to layer and the tension builds, the last half of the track kicks into full-on party mode.

It’s obvious that Pacient X88 likes to experiment and his production shows it with its rich textures. It’s the kind of song you’ll want to listen to a couple times; you might not catch everything the first time around!

I got to talk to Pacient X88 about “Embut” and his creative process.

Check it out below, only at EDM RANKS!

PACIENT X88 Interview


Tell us about ‘Embut’. How did you come up with the idea for this track?

Each track comes in different ways, sometimes a melody or idea comes to your head and then you try to keep that moment with what you can, a sound recorder, a paper… other times it comes when you are playing with keyboards, synthesizers, samplers… “Embut” In particular, it came from work, from looking for new sonorities, rhythms and testing things.


What inspired you to make this?

As a child, any repeated noise, my brain made it into rhythm and kept on melody… so what inspires me can be any sound, noise, melody, phrase… everything may contain new material that you might not realise at the beginning. It inspires me and also the music of other people. Finding and being able to enjoy music makes me want more and I try to contribute to this with my own music.


How did you begin producing electronic music?

I have been a musician since I was very young; I have played in various groups of rock, folk and electronic. I started to produce for myself with this project (Pacient X88) towards 2008. I had been in love with electronic music for years but it took me a while to learn how to control, in-depth, the tools to be able to make my music with what I had at the time. It was quite basic (a couple of hardware synthesizers, a sound card, a monitor and a PC). But it was amazing to discover that the technology allowed me to create my own sounds, sonorities, rhythms… it’s like having a whole fleet of “virtual musicians” who will be at my command 24 hours a day!


Do you have a favorite DAW, VST plugin, or instrument you like to use?

I started with Cubase and Reason. I was testing other DAWs until I stayed with Ableton Live, which is what I basically work with now. Ableton Live makes ideas come quickly and for me it is very comfortable to work with. I love playing with hardware, I do not have any favorites; each have their “soul”, they easily create “happy accidents” and new ideas. As for software, it makes my life much easier and allows me to play with emulations and sounds which, if not for the plugins, I could not even imagine in my dreams. As a musician, I also have acoustic instruments, but what I use most is the recorder on my mobile phone to save ideas wherever they come.


What can we expect from you in the next year? 

I do not plan this year, but what I can say is that I’m sure I will release new tracks that I already have in mind. I’ll look for and enjoy the music that comes up every day from the people I follow and discover. Sharing these discoveries and my music as a DJ is vital. I work to make people crazy with me with the best and current techno sessions possible!


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