Paul Van Dyk Releases Amazing Melodic/Trance Album “From Then On”

Paul-Van-Dyk From Then on Trance Album


Paul Van Dyk is no one new to the dance music circuit, and he is back with another epic album called “From Then On”.

The album begins with track #1 “While You Were Gone” with Vincent Corver and starts with amazing acoustic sounding string and piano and then transforms into a beautiful melodic trance song.

Track #2 “Inhale” with Mike Push & Fred Baker begins to pick things up with a nice energetic happy feeling Trance beat, the typical Paul Van Dyk sound you could say. It just takes you away and makes all your bad thoughts disappear.

A top favorite is Track #4 “I am Alive”.

And the rest of the album?

Well that’s just too good to write about! Listen to the full album for yourself here.

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