Ample Releases Perpetual Culture Episode 2 Guest Mix By Trailing Zero


Ample Promotion have published the second installment of their ‘Perpetual Culture’ Series on Mixcloud; The set which has been mixed by Trailing Zero is one guest mix that you will truly be impressed with.

When Ample first launched the Perpetual Culture idea two weeks ago, they set a keen focus on keeping an open format and bringing in guest DJs with complete freedom to mix whatever music they want, after publishing the first episode and reaching out on social media it wasn’t long before they received a response from George a.k.a. Trailing Zero offering to do a mix.

The 21 year old DJ from Stroud has delivered a set that you would expect to hear at the highest level, with a real focus on energetic House and Progressive House the journey is one of outstanding DJ’ing skills, and a real ear for music, flitting between original mixes and mashups featuring some of the most popular tracks old and new, it is just sublime.  #002 is a twisting, turning powerful display of melody, energy, and truly creative mixing.

Trailing Zero has really set the bar high with this guest mix, we highly recommend that you give it a listen because it is 70 minutes of pure brilliance, we couldn’t think of a better way to kick the weekend into life!

Click the play button below to listen to Perpetual Culture #002:

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