Popular EDM Songs In 2019


Latest EDM Tracks

Listening to music has become one of the passions of many individuals from all walks of life. And recently we found the latest edm tracks that seem to be popular in 2019.

Electronic Dance Music or EDM isn’t just for dance. This also covers a broad range of music that is now enjoyed and loved by thousands or even millions of listeners worldwide. Many would agree that this music is perfect for just listening to and enjoying, or partying too. EDM songs can make you feel good and forget all complexities in life. But don’t get it wrong. EDM music can be for anyone.

Below we have compiled a list of the top 10 most popular songs edm songs in 2019. But first lets see why does everyone love EDM so much?

What is EDM?

Electronic Dance Music shortly known as EDM is also referred to club music or simply dance music. This is a wide range of percussive and electronic music genres that are especially and largely made for raves, festivals and night clubs. EDM is also typically mixed by disc jockeys for playback to live crowds. Seamless tracks selections are created, and this is referred to as mix from a recording to another recording. EDM can be played live by DJ’s or edm producers who are known to perform their music live during concerts and edm festivals.

Why Do People Love EDM Music?

There are many good reasons more and more individuals love EDM Music. These include but not limited to, the following:

EDM is just an umbrella word describing hundreds of sub-genres which fit the electronic music idea; break, trance, trap, and electro, just to name a few. EDM music also includes experimental styles.

  • The Festivals

Nothing really compares to EDM festivals. This will surely take you into an entirely new world where numerous individuals who also love EDM music as much as you do.

  • The Way EDM Breaks Social Barriers

These are the top 10 EDM tracks that are popular in 2019 you dont want to miss. 

Popular EDM Songs In 2019

Due to high ranking obtained from online, the following are said to be the latest EDM Tracks of 2019:

  • Heaven – Avicii
  • These Are The Times – Martin Garrix feat. JRM
  • SOS – Avicci and Aloe Black
  • Summer Days – Macklemore and Martin Garrix
  • Better When You’re Gone – David Guetta, Brooks, and Loote
  • Carry On – Kygo by Rita Ora
  • Good Things Fall Apart – ILLENIUM and Jon Bellion
  • Tough Love – Avicii by Agnes
  • Face My Fears – English Version by Utada Hikaru and Skrillex
  • Think About You – Kygo Valerie Broussard
  • Takeaway – The Chainsmokers & ILLENIUM
  • No more – DJ Snake & Zhu
  • Not Ok – Kygo, ft. Chelsea Cutler
  • Show Me Love (EDX Remix) – Sam Feldt
  • The Middle – Zedd
  • FAUL & Wad Ad vs Pnau Changes

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