Positive Vibes Only Releases “Flutes” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Emerging UK producer Positive Vibes Only (PVO) already has plenty of mixes and remixes under his belt in the house genre.

However, in the last year, the 21 year old has been exploring a new sub-genre—tropical house. “Flutes” is PVO’s new release and it’s a definite vibe enhancer.

Positive Vibes Only – “Flutes”

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For all the massive drops and booming bass that’s come to define EDM, tropical house has got to be the absolute chillest. While the production is a bit stripped down, that’s what allows every instrument a chance to shine through in its own sonic space.

Even the instrumentation is organic—from the pan flute melody to the marimba covering the chords to the 2/4 rhythms—this song could be played by a live band pretty much out of the box.

PVO really puts the emphasis on tropical with this track. If you need a break in between bangers this season, put some of this smoothness in your headphones. “Flutes” will sooth even the most savage bass-monger.

Check out my interview with Positive Vibes Only below, exclusively at EDM RANKS!

Positive Vibes Only Interview

Tell us about “Flutes”. How did you come up with the idea for this track?

“Flutes” came to me as I was sitting in a college class and we were studying something to do with tribal music and how instruments progressed through time.I guess I just really fell in love with the sound of pan flutes and the idea of implementing them into a tropical house beat.


What inspires you to create music?

I think what inspires me to make music is to know that when people listen to my music it will make them happy, also whenever I’m doing a DJ set, I love seeing their reaction to my songs!


How did you begin producing electronic music?

I think it begin a while back when me and my little brother discovered Audacity and the ability to cut and trim sound. My little brother lost interest but I decided to stick at it and learn more about the passion I love!


What first got you into the “Tropical House” genre?

I’ve always been one to listen to a lot of different genres and sub genres and I like different ones for different reasons and tropical just seemed to catch me with its soft melodies and chilled out beats.


Do you have a favorite DAW, VST plugin, or instrument you like to use?

I think I would have to say Fruity Loops at the moment but I will definitely be looking to use others like Ableton or Serum!


What can we expect from you in the next year?

What you can expect from me this year is a lot more experimenting! I love messing around with new ideas and delving into new genres, so stay tuned and be ready for more experimentation!


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