President Trump Makes History: Historic Peace With North Korea



The world is a safer place today for sure.

No more rockets getting launched, no more threats, no more assignations. North Korea seems to be on their best behavior now.

Today President Trump has made a huge achievement in world peace after negotiating a very friendly relationship and document treaty with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

After a historic summit in Singapore, President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un signed a document committing to work together for peace.

Some of the biggest developments weren’t in the document signed by the two leaders. Speaking to reporters a few hours later, Trump said he would cease “tremendously expensive” joint military exercises with South Korea, a move he thought would be welcomed by Kim.

In addition, Trump said Kim had agreed to destroy a missile-engine testing site, in a concession that wasn’t part of the written agreement.

This is the first time an American President has ever met with a North Korean leader, and the energy between the two seemed genuine and authentic, Just like relationships should be.

Right now employment is at it’s highest in America, with stock markets surging at all time highs.

Confidence in Americans, and American companies is at an all time high, and the numbers prove it.

(Look at 2008 when Obama was President!)




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