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Welcome to EDM RANKS, the worlds first edm charts and social network website.

Are you an artist or dj looking for electronic dance music promotion? or maybe you looking to promote your edm songs or dj mixes?

How soon until your vibes and songs are heard on the internet?

Dont wait any longer, upload your original edm songs and get the recognition you deserve on our dance music charts! We have the best edm rankings online as we were the first to pioneer the music chart rankings and social network platform.

EDM RANKS always has the newest soon vibes and tracks coming from the top upcoming artists and djs worldwide.

Are you tired of other edm charts uploading fake tracks and deleting your account when you vote on the fake songs that they uploaded? We have had many users tell us this is another reason they love to promote their music on the edm ranks platform. Because we do not upload fake tracks to our social network. Every edm track uploaded to edm ranks is an original song made by that producer.

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Today many producers and DJs make a Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, upload their tracks, pictures, videos, content and more…. and then what?

What is the plan now?

Welcome to EDM RANKS

On the other hand, we care, and we help our producers & DJs to better their career.


It’s time to make a real investment into yourself, your career and your music.

At EDM RANKS we make your music work for you! How? We have thousands of fans on our social network and they are hungry for new music, everyday!

Feed the EDM Charts

Did you just produce a new edm track? If so upload the mp3 song/ share it now it could be voted and ranked as the next #1 hit track on our edm charts! The more traction and attention you or your song/mixes gets the more recognition you get.


Local nightclubs are more likely to book you if you are on the EDM RANKS Top 100 Charts, and your chances are better if you are in the top 50 rankings.

These major social network websites like Soundcloud and Youtube are no longer made for the local DJ or edm producer/artist trying to get their music heard. They only shut you out and keep you and your music in the shade. Giving millions of organic plays to the major record labels. They cater to big brands/Record labels with millions to spend on their advertising budget.

Make your free profile now and join the worlds best edm network, upload your music, rank up, and get seen by top influences in the music industry!

Time for a change.

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