RAFIK Releases Future Bass/Trap Hybrid “Reminder” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


6x DJ world champion RAFIK is not like your average artist/producer.

From Dusseldorf, Germany, RAFIK is definitely a trend setter, not just in the DJ scene but also the music production scene.

Whether on his own or alongside his Lords Of Fitness teammates, this German wunderkind turnablist-turned-producer has dominated the world of DJ battles since 2002, scoring more trophies and international titles than any of his competitors worldwide.

After resigning from the battle circuit and moving from his hometown of Düsseldorf to Brooklyn, Rafik, the son of two classical musicians, decided to take it down a notch, and spend some quality time with his synths and machines.

After being inspired by a sound designer at Microsoft he took it upon himself to produce original tracks using only Microsoft Windows Operating system sounds.

Pretty unique right? id say so.

But what makes this even better, is it actually sounds good!

RAFIK – Reminder

“Reminder” is a sweet sounding future bass/trap hybrid song that will make you feel good and free. Simple. The song has a great arrangement and just feels very right. It begins with a nice piano melody and then quickly transforms and builds up in a fresh future bass/trap edm tune. I feel weightless and happy listening to “Reminder” it has great energy through the whole song and sick drops.

Besides being a frequent guest in clubs from Australia to China, Japan, and the UK, Rafik’s eclectic productions and remix work present a unique take on the electronica, hip hop and techno intersection.

Tell us about “Reminder”. How did you come up with this idea for this song?

It’s a funny story, the rundown was pretty much: There’s a really cool compilation in the works, I wanna be on it, I have 24 hours to make my track or I miss the deadline. Let’s make something.


What Inspired you to make this?

It started with that filtered synth lead. It’s a really simple patch but it sounded great to me. I was struggling to find a B-section, so I just started experimenting with completely different things in the same key. It sounds a bit weird looking at it today, but these super bent 808-lines were not so common at the time and I was really into it, so in the end I opted for a B-Section that is pretty different, but works within the context.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

I pretty much started making rap beats with an MPC2000, recording them and putting acapellas over them. Really terrible stuff. I know that’s what everybody says but mine was just spectacularly bad. I started going into a more electronic direction when I switched to a PC and Cubase, since now I had a bunch of synths that I did not have available before.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

I don’t really use much stuff anymore, but I really like Ableton’s Simpler/Sampler and Native Instruments Kontakt. Ableton’s stuff is easy and accessible, Kontakt has some insane libraries available with really nice multi-sampled instruments. My best asset however just has to be the samples that you can get on Reddit. There’s some real G’s on there.


What can we expect from you next year?

For the last year and a half I have somehow naturally gravitated back to more DJ related work. I was super happy about some new developments and wanted to make my mark on that. But I’ve been producing in the meantime too and I think now is really the time where things start to have a bit of the character I was searching for and I really want to get more stuff out there!


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