Real Music is Coming Back to EDM

real edm music


Notice the rise of Deep House and Minimal all of a sudden?

The high pitch is dying, The new trending music is now deep house at the moment.

With the rise of deep house and minimal now blowing up all of a sudden it almost seems its becoming the new mainstream EDM music.


Thats because, It is.

Just check out how Clean Bandit’s – “Rather Be” ft. Jess Glynne [Official Video] exploded and is now playing all over the radio.

This is a great melodic/deep house song, and a perfect example of real music.

The song not only encompases a nice deep house 121 BPM kick drum pattern but also has happy uplifting vocals, a melodic melody, Groovy bassline, Piano and Violin.

But this isnt just the only example. This is just the mainstream example. The underground scene is blowing up with deep house as well.

For example, Listen to this remix Rampue did of “The Takeoff” By  David Hasert, Matteo Luis, & Shiah. Look on Youtube and Soundcloud for deep house you will also see everyone is making deep house mixes now.

Even Drake and Rhianna have jumped on the EDM train and made a deep house style type song.

The first minute is Drake Rapping with an R&B hip hop type kick drum, but then changes to a house beat at 1:03.

Its very clever from a Music Producer’s perspective, Along with being a well produced and great sounding song.

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